Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm back ... but not 100%. The view from my couch while sick

Yippee! My completely fixed camera was delivered today. Can't wait to get back into the groove of things.
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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Resolution Failed

Betsy = A sad girl

I use my lovely Canon EVERY.SINGLE.DAY to take pictures (obviously ... duh!) and tonight as I was getting ready to take a picture of my pretty asparagus, a not-so-pretty message popped up on my camera.

"lens error, restart camera"

Huh? What? How can there be an error? I take my camera out of its padded case & it's snug pocket on my purse once a day to take pictures for this blog. Then, I put it back safely & tuck it away for the night. Last year, I had a camera debacle when I dropped my camera during a classroom activity and had to beg, borrow & steal to get a new one in November.

I've done all the "quick fix" suggestions I found online. Turning off & on several times didn't work. Putting a new battery in didn't work. Plugging into USB didn't work. So ... I broke down ... then called Canon customer service. I'll be sending my camera off tomorrow to hopefully be fixed. Once they realize I didn't drop this camera, didn't get water in my camera & didn't let sand infiltrate my camera, they SHOULD fix it since it's under warranty.

Please cross your fingers for me!

Jill has been nice enough to let me borrow her point and shoot for a few days/weeks while mine is off at the camera hospital. I'll try & keep up with the photo blog with the help of her camera, but I might not have pics for the next few days :(
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