Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Most creative birthday treat to ever walk in my classroom doors

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distaff said...

Wow! That IS cool! Tell us more ....

34th Stater said...

Look at yesterday's post.
Minnie wants a bite!

Bets said...

Get small fry bags from McD's.
Bun made out of Nila Wafers. Thin mint cookie for burger (don't know how you have these "out of season" and not eat them)!
Tomato & Lettuce made from icing that holds the whole thing together.
Chinese Noodles for fries!

Some of the comments I got from my kids:
"These don't taste like real french fries!"
"I don't really like my snack." (Probably because it wasn't the GIANT cupcake with icing they are used to)
"I wish this was real sized!"