Saturday, January 1, 2011


Here we go! I'm ready for year 3 of my Daily Photo Blog. I can't believe I've successfully completed 2 years of posting a new photo every day! In 2010, I took 10,334 pictures. Many were deleted, but that's part of practicing. Not every picture will be good, and even if they turned out, I may not want to keep them.

It's hard to get out in the winter to shoot pictures. Often, I just go from home to school and back and there isn't much happening to shoot. Clearly, January and February show that. When the weather gets nice, I go outside more. A trip to NYC happened in May, and that was the first month I had ever shot that many pictures. 550+ in just 2 days will do that! I got my new camera in July. I definitely picked up my pace then, because I wanted to practice with all the settings. Then, I can tell that work started to get busy in November, when my numbers went down.

I also started with the Daily Shoot challenges early in the year. 158 of my photos this year followed the challenges they gave. I had to ask Jill or friends on Twitter exactly what some of the challenges meant. I also had to google or look at other photographer's shots to see exactly how to go about my shooting. While those days were hard, that means that I learned something new that day!

I'm excited to start this challenge for the third year. I've set a few personal goals for myself as a photographer for 2011. I think the fact that I'm calling myself a photographer now is a big step. It's not my full-time job, but it's something that I love doing in my free time ... and I MAKE free time to do this! That's the best part!

Thanks for joining me on this journey. I'd like to see more feedback from my readers this year. That is MY challenge for YOU! Is there something else you'd like me to share? More information? Less? Do you like the feedback buttons under the pictures? I recently added the "You Might Also Like..." links to send you to other photos. Do you like or hate that?

I haven't started shooting yet in 2011 ... I better get a move on!

[Update: The new banner shows the 4 digital cameras I've had. I wanted to include cameras from before, but couldn't remember what kind they were. I also picked a new font in the banner which is conveniently called, Oh {Photo} Shoot!]
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