Saturday, April 21, 2012

Can you guess who survived?

My Titanic passenger ticket:

Jill's Titanic passenger ticket:

We discovered their fate after we walked through the Titanic Exhibit at Union Station. Make your predictions & see the answers in the comments.
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Bets said...

From my passenger ticket:
Mr. Hudson Joshua Creighton Allison and Mrs. Bessie Waldo Daniels Allison passed away. So did their daughter, Loraine, and chauffeur George Swane. Their son, Trevor, survived, along with their cook Mildred Brown, maid Sarah Daniels, and nurse Alice Cleaver.

From Jill's passenger ticket:
None of the Palsson family made survived the sinking. (Jill, correct me if I'm wrong.) Mrs. Alma Palsson and her children, Torborg, Paul, Stina and Gosta were not found to be alive after the sinking.

Very interesting information here:

34th Stater said...

I am so happy you and Jill survived the exhibition!