Monday, June 7, 2010

Showing our Sunflower State pride!

#ds204 Manhole covers have character and quietly tell a story.
Make a photo of a manhole cover in your neighborhood today.
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Jaime said...

Wow! That's really pretty.

bryan farley said...

found your blog through Jill Chittum's page.

very interesting moments. how do you choose your assignments?


Bets said...

Hi Bryan!
The first year, Jill & I were both posting pictures each day. Her life got crazy busy, but I stuck with it. That first year was really hard.
Year two, I found the 365 challenge on Twitter with @dailyshoot giving challenges each day. I read the challenges, although I can't always complete them, or I have something else that I want to post.
Here's my info: